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Our Passion is Quality. Our Spirit is Rum.

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About Our Distillery

A Passion for Rum

One hundred and twenty eight years after the floods which destroyed the original distillery, Milton Rum has risen from the proverbial ashes, fueled by fresh passion and a plan to reimagine rum. Our urban distillery merges a lifetime of history with new innovations to continue the tradition of making quality rum.

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Crafting Exciting Spirits

We aim to bring a fresh approach to the Australian rum scene, whilst still honouring old traditions. Our range of craft spirits is designed to excite and inspire a new age of rum drinkers.

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new product

Brazilian Inspired Aguardente

Our new addition to the Milton Rum range!

A fresh approach to Agricole, Brazilian style Aguardente!

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Our Distillery Products

Spiced Cane Spirit

Vapour infused with fresh citrus, lemon myrtle and spice, this award-winning spirit will change your perception of rum.

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Brazilian inspired aguardente

Our new approach to Agricole. The perfect Caipirinha, this unique spirit, represents the isolated world of Brazilian Rum.

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Spanish Inspired Dark

Smoke, vanilla, honey, chocolate with an undercurrent of spice deliver a classic Spanish-style spirit.

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Coffee and Cane Spirit

Our latest creation is all about combining our love of coffee and rum to produce a spirit that showcases our passion for quality.

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Our Philosophy

Tradition & Innovation

Using traditional techniques, rectifying distillation columns, and the latest innovations we have perfected our craft to create award-winning spirits. Quality, integrity, innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do, and is expressed through every facet of our brand.

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Honouring a rich history

The original Milton Rum Distillery was one of Australia’s largest rum producers for its time. It championed innovation and was one of the first distilleries to use a rectifying distillation column. Fast forward a few generations and Milton Rum has reawakened, fueled by a fresh passion and new techniques. We are honoured to have inherited a rich tradition of innovation and quality rum making.

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