About us

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Create a world worth inheriting

We want to bring a fresh approach to the rum scene, whilst still honouring old traditions. We like to call it reimagining rum, but really what that means is we want to craft spirits to excite and inspire a new age of rum drinkers.

Our urban distillery brings a lifetime of history and tradition together with new techniques and fresh passion. Our philosophy is to create a world worth inheriting and through our approach to sustainability – we strive to live by this each and every step of the distilling process, or as we like to say – from crop to cup.

Using traditional techniques, rectifying distillation columns, and the latest innovations we’ve perfected the craft to create our own award-winning spirits. Quality, integrity, innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do, and is expressed through every facet of our brand.

We’re a small team of passionate distillers, makers and rum fans and we hope you’ll come on this journey with us as we reimagine the rum scene and craft spirits like no other.

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The Storm Bird

Our mark, the Eastern Koel, is our Storm Bird. It is said, throughout Queensland’s history, the storm bird is the guardian and protector of the local people. Legend has it, the Storm Bird flies ahead of the oncoming floodwaters, warning everyone in harms way.

The original Milton Distillery was one of Australia’s largest rum producers for its time. It championed innovation, being one of the first distilleries to use a rectifying distillation column. Then came the flood of 1890 which destroyed the distillery.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve brought new life and passion to the distillery, while still honouring its rich history. We like to think that the Storm Bird is now looking over us, guiding and protecting us on this journey.

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