Our Passion is Quality,

Our Spirit is Rum


Our story began in 1871 with the original Milton Distillery. It was one of Australia’s largest rum producers for its time, and won multiple awards until the flood of 1890 destroyed the distillery. The original distillery championed innovation, being one of the first distilleries to use a rectifying distillation column.

150 years after its inception, we have reawakened Milton Rum Distillery, using traditional techniques, rectifying distillation columns, and the latest innovations to create our own award-winning spirit. Quality, integrity, innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do, and is expressed through every facet of our brand.

Our mark, the Eastern Koel, is our Storm Bird. It is said, throughout Queensland’s history, the storm bird is the guardian and protector of the local people. Legend has it, the Storm Bird flies ahead of the oncoming floodwaters, warning everyone in harms way. Our Storm Bird is our protector against the next flood, and serves as a mark of our commitment to quality, integrity, and strength of character.