Distillery Door Tastings


Location: 35 Collingwood St, Albion QLD 4010.

Time: Every Friday, Session 1 at 4:00pm, Session 2 at 5:00pm, Session 3 at 6:00pm

Duration: 45 minutes.

With our new site in Albion fully commissioned, we are excited to host Tasting Sessions at our Distillery Door! Guests will learn the fascinating secrets behind what makes Milton Rum an award-winning distillery as they indulge in various rum styles brought from around the world. Guests will learn how Milton’s rum is made and gain access to one-off seasonal releases produced on site.

In the month of September, guests will have the pleasure of tasting a rare treat. We have tastings for our newest release, Tales of the Broken Chain whisky. Only 164 bottles of this 8 year old have been produced.